Monday, May 26, 2008

Hi kitties and kats, how's it all going? It's been about the same here - Mummy has taken me out on my harness at least once every day since she bought it, and I've been exploring a little further every day. I don't go bolting for the door trying to escape the moment Mummy opens it any more! At least...not as much.

I just have a few more piccys since Mummy got the new camera!

The fuzzy tail is because I went too close to the neighbours' yard and the dog woofed at me. I hissed and ran and puffed up, but at least I didn't have an accident this time!

Sittin' pretty - literally! /preen

Yo yo yo, wassup, wassup!?

We never both face the camera at the same time.

That would make it too easy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh my goodness...

Okay, I learned today why you kitties tell me it's a good idea to stay inside and wear my harness if I go out. First of all, I should let you know that Mummy's house has no front fence. Mummy took me outside on the harness this morning and I was just sniffing about in the yard, and all of a sudden Mummy just scooped me up! I knew why a second later, it was a great big DOG - I've seen her before, she lives across the road but oh, she's SO much bigger up close and she was barking and running toward me and I panicked and scratched and hissed and puffed all my fur up. Mummy put me on top of something high but Rani (that's the dog's name) put her paws up and, ok, I think she was only trying to be friendly but she's much too big and scary. Rani's Mummy chased her over, apologised and took her away, and Mummy took me inside. This is a little bit embarrassing, but I'd been so scared of Rani I had an accident...actually, two...and Mummy had to give me a bath. I didn't like that. Half an hour later, though, I'd forgotten all about it and as it's a sunny day and I was still a bit damp from the bath Mummy took me back out so I could dry properly. So it didn't end up so bad. It's all thundery and rainy now, so I'm cosied up on the couch with Chester (who likes me nearly ALL the time, now!) We were even curled up asleep together not long ago, but I moved before Mummy could get the flashybox. She still got some pictures, though:


Almost best friends almost all the time.. I just have to remember Chester is a grown up and doesn't like it when I'm bumptious and silly.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hi again everyone! Mummy got a new flashybox so I can show you all what I look like in my harness! I'm still so excited about getting to go outside - Mummy even got up a bit early this morning so she could take me out before work.

A water heater! How fascinating!

Bein' adorable: I'm doin it rite.

Mmmm! Outside water tastes SO much better than inside water!

What's that?

Stuff to tangle the leash around - awesome!

Nomming on the harness.

Hellooo! Hello down there!

I'm a bit bossy about the harness, though I'll wear it outside if I have to, but Mummy tried to leave it on me when she brought me inside yesterday, so she wouldn't have to put it on me and adjust it again when she took me out again a little bit later. I'm sorry, but I was just NOT having that. If I can't be outside having fun, I won't be wearing any harness. I admit that I threw a just bit of a tanty until Mummy took it off me.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hi kitties, mums and dads, it's me, Starbuck! I've had an exciting day! First of all...I have a confession to make. I've been a bit naughty. It's hard to be good all the time. Mummy was taking out some junk for the cleanup last night and I zipped out the door while she had it open and scampered off down the street. Mummy chased me, although not very fast, because I think she knew that would just make me run away quicker. Mummy followed me and called me and she sounded worried and I know she lost her other kitty cat Archie not all that long ago so I guess that was naughty of me but it was so exciting and I was so curious. I let Mummy almost grab me and I ran back toward home. See, Mummy, it's just a game! I ran under the house and it was so dark Mummy couldn't see me, but she went and got some really fantastic smelling food and put a tiny bit out and of course I had to come out then and she caught me. She told me I was too easy. Is that true?

Then today, a man I think is Mummy's Daddy came to the house and was up a ladder outside putting grilles over the windows so Chester and I can lie in the windowsills without Mummy worrying about us getting out. And it was a lovely sunny morning and Mummy was in and out talking to her Daddy and doing laundry and cleaning our litter pans and it was all SO exciting...and I got out TWO MORE TIMES. I went under the house again and Mummy's Daddy (how about I just call him Grandpa?) tried to catch me by twitching a pencil and a rag and making chirping noises but I'm too clever, I knew he wanted to catch me. Mummy brought out the stinky food again and she caught me AGAIN. The second time I got out I didn't come for the stinky food but she got my toy mouse and caught me with that instead...I guess Mummy is a bit too clever for me.

Because I'd been so determined to get out, though, I think Mummy wanted to try something because she came back today with a little harness and a leash. She put the harness on me and made me wear it around the house and oh how I HATED it, but then she clipped the leash on and took me OUTSIDE! For real! And let me play and explore out there until I got tired of it! Oh, it was terrific! I don't have any pictures because Mummy's flashybox died, but I'll try and get some tomorrow. How exciting!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hi everyone! So sorry it's been a while, Mummy's been *really* busy, something to do with a "bulk waste collection" which means she has a really big clean-up of the house and puts all the rubbish that won't fit in the garbage bin out on the street and some men come around in a truck and take it away. It only happens twice a year and Mummy doesn't have a car, so she's making sure she gets all her junk out there in time. It's kind of exciting, though, all this digging around in cupboads and moving furniture around means lots of adventures for me! By the time she works and does cooking and looks after and plays with Chester and me though, that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging!

Mummy took me to see the vet last week, which I didn't like at all. He stuck a needle in me, which hurt and I squeaked out loud. And because it was a cold morning the vet had butterfingers and he accidentally stuck the needle all the way through and out the other side, so the stuff just squirted out onto the table and I had to have another one. That made me sad.

Mummy's been spoiling us though, she went to the pet barn and came back with fun things! This is my favourite, and although you can't see me I'm actually inside it in this picture. I love to chase my toys into it, or dart out through the holes and attack my toy mice or Mummy's feet. Here I am inside it! See how exciting it is! I'm like a wild jungle cat! Look out!

This was our other present, Mummy put it together this afternoon. I helped lots and Chester didn't help at ALL, but as you can see, she's hogging the top shelf! Unfair! Oh well, she can't stay up there ALL the time...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

and the cat's in the cradle...

Chester has started to like me a bit! Not a WHOLE lot, but it's a start! What happened was that Mummy made a fort for me, but Chester decided she wanted to get inside. So Mummy made the door bigger and Chester sat inside and I ran about ouside and on top of the box, and she would try to swat me with her paw. She wasn't using any claws so that's how I know she likes me better now. Chester got tired of it before I did, though, and we stopped playing. We've sniffed one another a few times now, and she's let me head-bump her again.

I heard Mummy on the phone this morning talking about an appointment for me to get another needle. Not another one! I've had two already - one little one and one bigger one which was apparently a "chip". The "chip" is somehow supposed to help Mummy find me if I ever get lost. I'll try very hard to not get lost at all, though.

Ooooh, Chester's sitting in the window with her tail twitching gently...I wonder if I could...just.....eek! Bad idea! Guess I probably shouldn't surprise her just yet.

Mummy sneaked some pictures of me asleep - she says they're easier to get than awake ones, haha!


What, you're saying you *don't* sleep in this position?

And OK, one awake one too:

If I hide in here, I can go to work with Mummy! I promise to sit quietly under her desk!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Mummy was watching a video on the computer and it was so fascinating, I had to watch too! The little man was very hard to catch, though. She even videoed me trying: here

Gotta go now - those curtains aren't gonna climb themselves!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

another day, another squeaky mouse...

I wish Mummy would let me sit in the windowsill like Chester gets to. Chester even gets to go OUTSIDE when she wants to. Chester told me it had something to do with the fact that she's big and also because she's had an operation which means she can't have babies. So unfair - I'm big too and I'm too little to have babies! Er...

I sat with Mummy while she watched the picture box last night. There was a spaceship and robots and there was even a lady who was sometimes called Kara and sometimes called Starbuck! And she's clever and brave and everything! I wonder if that's why Mummy named me Starbuck? I hope so.

Mummy took some more pictures of me with the flashy thing, and says I'm bigger than I was last week and how fast I've grown. I'll show you:


I'm not cute, damnit, I'm ph33rsome! Raaaah!

Well, maybe I AM cute. A bit.

Gotta go, lots to do! There's a catnip mouse that's not being pummeled!