Wednesday, April 23, 2008

and the cat's in the cradle...

Chester has started to like me a bit! Not a WHOLE lot, but it's a start! What happened was that Mummy made a fort for me, but Chester decided she wanted to get inside. So Mummy made the door bigger and Chester sat inside and I ran about ouside and on top of the box, and she would try to swat me with her paw. She wasn't using any claws so that's how I know she likes me better now. Chester got tired of it before I did, though, and we stopped playing. We've sniffed one another a few times now, and she's let me head-bump her again.

I heard Mummy on the phone this morning talking about an appointment for me to get another needle. Not another one! I've had two already - one little one and one bigger one which was apparently a "chip". The "chip" is somehow supposed to help Mummy find me if I ever get lost. I'll try very hard to not get lost at all, though.

Ooooh, Chester's sitting in the window with her tail twitching gently...I wonder if I could...just.....eek! Bad idea! Guess I probably shouldn't surprise her just yet.

Mummy sneaked some pictures of me asleep - she says they're easier to get than awake ones, haha!


What, you're saying you *don't* sleep in this position?

And OK, one awake one too:

If I hide in here, I can go to work with Mummy! I promise to sit quietly under her desk!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Mummy was watching a video on the computer and it was so fascinating, I had to watch too! The little man was very hard to catch, though. She even videoed me trying: here

Gotta go now - those curtains aren't gonna climb themselves!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

another day, another squeaky mouse...

I wish Mummy would let me sit in the windowsill like Chester gets to. Chester even gets to go OUTSIDE when she wants to. Chester told me it had something to do with the fact that she's big and also because she's had an operation which means she can't have babies. So unfair - I'm big too and I'm too little to have babies! Er...

I sat with Mummy while she watched the picture box last night. There was a spaceship and robots and there was even a lady who was sometimes called Kara and sometimes called Starbuck! And she's clever and brave and everything! I wonder if that's why Mummy named me Starbuck? I hope so.

Mummy took some more pictures of me with the flashy thing, and says I'm bigger than I was last week and how fast I've grown. I'll show you:


I'm not cute, damnit, I'm ph33rsome! Raaaah!

Well, maybe I AM cute. A bit.

Gotta go, lots to do! There's a catnip mouse that's not being pummeled!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello TATA!

Hi Torties and Humans!

You lovely ladies have been telling my Mummy I should be getting a blog of my own, and I'm only little so she's helping me. Mummy showed me the lovely artwork Zoolatry made from my picture - thankyou so much, Zoolatry! That was a beautiful welcome!

Mummy says she's not used to using Blogger, she's much better at LJ, but she'll figure it out.

OK, I guess I'd better tell you a little bit about myself - you've seen my picture so you know I'm a bit of a tortie and a bit of a tuxie - my Mummy says she loves this as her cat Archie (who I didn't know, I think it's a sad story but Mummy hasn't told me yet) was a tuxie. I heard Mummy say to her sister that she loved Archie very much but it's lovely that I'm not all nervous and shy like he was. Mummy's family all like me - they've all given me cuddles and said I was lovely. I guess I am :-)

Archie's sister Chester (and Chester does seem to be a lady, despite the name - I guess there's a story there) doesn't like me very much BUT she likes me more than she does a week ago, hahah! I've been trying very hard to make her like me and last night she actually let me run up and give her a head-bump before she swatted me. And the swat wasn't very hard, either, so I don't think she means it.

Since you liked my pictures so much, I have a few more:

Sleeping on Mummy

Me and Chester. She's gonna be my friend, I know it!

And that's enough for now, too much to do! I'm off to play with the bead curtain again! Whee!