Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hi kitties, mums and dads, it's me, Starbuck! I've had an exciting day! First of all...I have a confession to make. I've been a bit naughty. It's hard to be good all the time. Mummy was taking out some junk for the cleanup last night and I zipped out the door while she had it open and scampered off down the street. Mummy chased me, although not very fast, because I think she knew that would just make me run away quicker. Mummy followed me and called me and she sounded worried and I know she lost her other kitty cat Archie not all that long ago so I guess that was naughty of me but it was so exciting and I was so curious. I let Mummy almost grab me and I ran back toward home. See, Mummy, it's just a game! I ran under the house and it was so dark Mummy couldn't see me, but she went and got some really fantastic smelling food and put a tiny bit out and of course I had to come out then and she caught me. She told me I was too easy. Is that true?

Then today, a man I think is Mummy's Daddy came to the house and was up a ladder outside putting grilles over the windows so Chester and I can lie in the windowsills without Mummy worrying about us getting out. And it was a lovely sunny morning and Mummy was in and out talking to her Daddy and doing laundry and cleaning our litter pans and it was all SO exciting...and I got out TWO MORE TIMES. I went under the house again and Mummy's Daddy (how about I just call him Grandpa?) tried to catch me by twitching a pencil and a rag and making chirping noises but I'm too clever, I knew he wanted to catch me. Mummy brought out the stinky food again and she caught me AGAIN. The second time I got out I didn't come for the stinky food but she got my toy mouse and caught me with that instead...I guess Mummy is a bit too clever for me.

Because I'd been so determined to get out, though, I think Mummy wanted to try something because she came back today with a little harness and a leash. She put the harness on me and made me wear it around the house and oh how I HATED it, but then she clipped the leash on and took me OUTSIDE! For real! And let me play and explore out there until I got tired of it! Oh, it was terrific! I don't have any pictures because Mummy's flashybox died, but I'll try and get some tomorrow. How exciting!

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The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Ohh, you got a leash. Now you can go outside safely! Please take some pictures!!!