Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hi everyone! So sorry it's been a while, Mummy's been *really* busy, something to do with a "bulk waste collection" which means she has a really big clean-up of the house and puts all the rubbish that won't fit in the garbage bin out on the street and some men come around in a truck and take it away. It only happens twice a year and Mummy doesn't have a car, so she's making sure she gets all her junk out there in time. It's kind of exciting, though, all this digging around in cupboads and moving furniture around means lots of adventures for me! By the time she works and does cooking and looks after and plays with Chester and me though, that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging!

Mummy took me to see the vet last week, which I didn't like at all. He stuck a needle in me, which hurt and I squeaked out loud. And because it was a cold morning the vet had butterfingers and he accidentally stuck the needle all the way through and out the other side, so the stuff just squirted out onto the table and I had to have another one. That made me sad.

Mummy's been spoiling us though, she went to the pet barn and came back with fun things! This is my favourite, and although you can't see me I'm actually inside it in this picture. I love to chase my toys into it, or dart out through the holes and attack my toy mice or Mummy's feet. Here I am inside it! See how exciting it is! I'm like a wild jungle cat! Look out!

This was our other present, Mummy put it together this afternoon. I helped lots and Chester didn't help at ALL, but as you can see, she's hogging the top shelf! Unfair! Oh well, she can't stay up there ALL the time...


The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Wow, what great presents! Love the new pictures!!!


ML said...

O, look at tha neat tunnel. i wants a tunnel like that.
Starbuck, yous look so cute in there. And tha cat tree is grrreat.
You all haf neat toys, can I come over an play wif you?

ML said...

Happy Mother's Day to your Mommy,
Love and Purrs from
Missy Blue Eyes,
baby Faith Boo

PB & J said...

What wonderful presents! We hope you gave your Mommy a wonderful Mother's Day in return!

Tybalt said...

What great presents, Starbuck! You are just too cute. ;)

I hope your mommy had a great Mother's Day! Purrs!

~Tybalt, Holly, and Ivy